3 Ways ‘Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition’ Rectifies the Past

3 Ways ‘Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition’ Rectifies the Past

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When Zack Snyder’s much-anticipated DC Extended Universe launcher, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, finally reached theaters in March, the reception wasn’t very welcoming overall.  Critics tore the movie to shreds, many fans were disappointed, and of course there were those that defended Snyder’s efforts til the final blow.  It is still a bit ironic that Warner Bros. announced an R-rated Ultimate Edition of the film before the theatrical cut was even released.  This new version adds a half-hour of footage back in, and I have to say, the movie is better for it. Beware of SPOILERS if you haven’t seen either version of the film yet. Details will be kept to a minimum, though, as a more general impression of the Ultimate Edition is explored.

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