Batman Standalone Confirmed for a 2018 Release

Batman Standalone Confirmed for a 2018 Release

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Recent news concerning Ben Affleck’s Batman solo seemed to indicate the director had shooting pegged to begin in Spring 2017. This little detail has been further expanded upon by WB’s former President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Greg Silverman. In what Deadline refers to as a “major pre-holiday shakeup” at the studio, Silverman is stepping down from his post. Toby Emmerich will take the top job, coming in as Chief Creative Content officer for Warner Bros. Interesting news, no? However, most fascinating is one of Silverman’s statements during his exit interview with the aforementioned publication.

Silverman touched on how the studio is in a good place going forward. He spoke of 2016’s successes and lauded what’s to come in 2017, as films such as LEGO Batman, King Kong, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman and more are on the horizon. Then he dropped a bit of knowledge on the studio’s post-2017 features. Known 2018 quantities such as Ready Player One and Aquaman were hinted at. All very exciting; we can’t wait. But the big bomb was in his seemingly casual statement regarding Affleck’s impending Batman solo.

“Then in 2018, there is a second Fantastic Beasts film, and Ready Player One feels like an ambitious movie by the world’s best filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, that will set the world on fire. There is Aquaman with James Wan, and Scooby Doo will be a huge launch and then there is Lego Ninjago. And then there is Ben Affleck’s Batman.”

Affleck recently noted he’s still taking his time with the script. With shooting expected to begin in the coming months, he and Geoff Johns must be nearing completion or in a refinement phase. It’s widely known that film scripts are fluid during production, altering as things go along. Therefore, Affleck’s statements could still very well correlate with a potential 2018 debut. At the very least, he and the studio must be confident in the progress made, thus far. That said, if Ben Affleck and Co. want to wait until 2020 to ensure everything’s right, we’ll wait, too.

Luckily, the wait to see the Batman in action again isn’t too far away. Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

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