Batgirl Set Photo Reveals Brendan Fraser’s Firefly

Batgirl Set Photo Reveals Brendan Fraser’s Firefly

Brendan Fraser has been on a slow return to the big screen, and he’s set to appear in HBO Max’s upcoming Batgirl movie. While we don’t have any official images from the film yet, we do have a first look at Fraser in costume as the film’s villain Firefly.

The crew had decided to celebrate Fraser’s birthday on Dec. 3, and photos have come out online:

While it’s not the super-villain costume that some are expecting, it does inform us about some elements of the character in the movie. I’m guessing the character wearing an apron could suggest he was in the middle of building something (like a flamethrower or flight suit), and the overall messy appearance can mean he’s some kind of low-level thug.

With the Batman usually going up against powerful mobsters or people with means, it would be great to see some more ‘underdog’ villains that scrap together what they can and still keep the Dark Knight on his toes.

I’m just hoping that they try to make the character look visually different from the Firefly in Arkham Origins, because he kind of evokes the same feel as Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming; what with the giant mechanical flight suit. I’m a fan of the small jetpack concept that the Firefly from The Batman had—kind of like the Rocketeer, or Boba Fett.

No release date has been set for HBO Max’s Batgirl, but The Batman starring Robert Pattinson is set to come out March 04, 2022.


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