Avatar 2 Brings Together James Cameron’s “Two Greatest Loves”

Avatar 2 Brings Together James Cameron’s “Two Greatest Loves”

It’s been more than a decade since the release of James Cameron’s mega-hit Avatar, and now he’s set up to release four more sequels which expand the world of Pandora. With the first movie dealing with flight and the sky, Cameron admits it’s the sequel that will bring together his two greatest passions.

Talking to EW, Cameron explains why the Avatar sequel will deal with the oceans of Pandora. He says:

“I do the ocean thing when I’m not making movies… So if I could combine my two greatest loves — one of which is ocean exploration; the other, feature filmmaking — why wouldn’t I?”

We’ve only seen still photos and concept art of this upcoming world, but it has been described as “Bora Bora on steroids.” With the rainforest in the first Avatar overflowing with color and alien life, I can’t wait to see what kind of underwater world Pandora will be bringing to the big screen.

Source: EW

With Avatar being such a huge hit back in 2009, you would think that a sequel would have come out sooner; I guess if we were getting sequels, we would be at the fifth entry by now—so it kind of makes sense that Cameron would announce four sequels already underway. He says, “It sounds kind of nuts, the process… I mean, if Avatar hadn’t made so much damn money, we’d never do this — because it’s kind of crazy.”

Here’s the synopsis for Avatar 2:

Jake Sully lives with his newfound family formed on the planet of Pandora. Once a familiar threat returns to finish what was previously started, Jake must work with Neytiri and the army of the Na’vi race to protect their planet.

The first Avatar sequel is set to hit theaters in Dec. 16, 2022.


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