Author Rick Riordan Slams Percy Jackson Films

Author Rick Riordan Slams Percy Jackson Films

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If you’ve loved the Percy Jackson books, then there’s a huge chance that you don’t care for the films, and you’ll know the reason why the movie adaptations only stopped at 2. Disney is set to reboot the franchise for their streaming service though, and author Rick Riordan has he compare out to slam the film adaptations of his work.

When a fan talked about the movie being censored by Disney, Riordan explained:

He doesn’t just stop there either. He reveals that he hasn’t seen the films, and that he’s based his distaste for them by just reading the scripts. What’s more, he compares the films to his ‘life’s work going through a meat grinder’:

If you’ve read the books, you’ll know that the movies kind of water down the world-building that Riordan had established with the Percy Jackson series, and modern takes on the Greek gods were kind of watered down to ‘dudes in old armor’. Besides, they kind of threw the whole arc with the titan Kronos under the bus.

Hopefully with the reboot, they’ll cast a younger Percy and we get to watch him mature as the seasons progress. If anything, child actors have kind of made a huge improvement over the recent years, what with shows like Stranger Things and IT. Fingers crossed they find the right trio of Percy, Grover, and Annabeth.

No release date has been set for Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+, but hopefully we get a solid date before the year ends.


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