Arrowverse Crossover Trailer Showcases the Dominators

Arrowverse Crossover Trailer Showcases the Dominators

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In two weeks time, the Arrowverse 4-night crossover event will premiere the battle between heroes and aliens. The Dominators are coming, bringing about an alien invasion Season 1 of Arrow could have never predicted. Very little is known about how the Dominators, made famous by the Invasion! storyline, will be adapted in live-action. However, we’re now being given our first look at the mind-controlling species.

During Supergirl’s bout with a parasitic Metamorpho-like character, Parasite, one of the commercial breaks premiered this doozy:

That’s right folks, The CW is going full on alien with this invasion. The only thing noticeably missing is their yellow skin. Truthfully, it would not have worked well on screen. Yes, an argument can be made the Arrowverse has been host to cheesier things. Although, that would certainly take the cake.

The trailer also confirms that most of the Earth-1 characters will be present for the crossover. Next to an excited Felicity stands H.R. Wells (still getting used to that). We also get a quick glimpse of new Team Arrow recruit, Wild Dog, offering someone praise. Plus, Deathstroke is back!

Last week’s Legends of Tomorrow gave us our first crossover tease. Should we expect more this week? Or will The Flash give us a new look next week, followed by an Arrow sneak peek the week after? We’ll find out soon enough. For now, we’re left with wild speculation and fan theories.

November 28 will see Supergirl kick off the four-night event. Barry and Cisco will travel the multiverse to her Earth, asking for help. The following night is set to get the ball rolling with The Flash’s episode. Many reunions (likely false ones) will be had on Arrow’s 100th on November 30. Then, Legends of Tomorrow’s part of the crossover will probably see the invaders defeated… right? Tell us your thought and theories in the comments below.

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