Armie Hammer Debunks Rumor That He’s in Final Talks to Play Batman

Armie Hammer Debunks Rumor That He’s in Final Talks to Play Batman

A rumor had come out yesterday that Armie Hammer was in “final talks” to play the new Batman for the DCEU, but this was quickly debunked my several reporters after the news came out. Now Hammer himself confirms that he has not been in any talks for the role of the new Bruce Wayne.

Talking to Yahoo! Movies, Hammer explains:

“No one’s ever asked… No one who can actually give me the job has asked me if I’m interested. I don’t even know if they’re done. I think they’re still working on a script, I don’t think they’re close to production… but I can conclusively tell you that no one has checked my availability.”

Hammer has come out to be a fan favorite for the next Batman, seeing that he was actually up for the role in the cancelled Justice League Mortal which was directed by George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road). Seeing that Lone Ranger flopped, I would actually love to see Hammer take on the role of the new Dark Knight. I think he has the chops to pull off a younger Ben Affleck, and we know he already has great chemistry with Superman Henry Cavill based on what we’ve seen from The Man from UNCLE.

For now, The Batman is still searching for its new lead. Matt Reeves sure took a while developing the script, but I’m happy that we’re finally seeing some progress behind the scenes. Hopefully the movie will end up great when it comes out.

Catch The Batman in theaters June 25, 2021.



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