Warner Bros Appoints A New Head For DC Films

Warner Bros Appoints A New Head For DC Films

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Four movies in and the DCEU has only managed to have ‘Wonder Woman’ as its only “good” film. This has led to some changes in DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros has appointed a new person other than Geoff Johns as oversee all of their DC-based films.

According to Variety, Walter Hamada (Producer for IT and The Conjuring) has been hired for quality control over the franchise, and Warner Bros president Toby Emmerich had this to say about bringing Hamada onboard:

“Walter is creative, resourceful, and committed to excellence, and will bring those qualities to his oversight of our superhero films…I’m confident Walter and Geoff, working with our filmmaking partners, will deliver films that will resonate with both broad global audiences as well as DC fanboys and fangirls.”

Hamada coming to DC also doesn’t mean that Johns has been “fired” from his job. An official statement clarifies that Johns is still head of DC Entertainment, and he’ll still be working closely with the development of the DCEU:

Johns remains at DC as a president and chief creative officer, but his portfolio doesn’t just involve film. He will continue to provide creative guidance into the company’s television and comic book efforts.

This must be good news for fans since the DCEU has been nothing but short of a mess. After Justice League was considered to have underperformed last year, Warner Bros seems to be taking more careful steps with their cinematic universe; as of now, the only DCEU film slated for a release this year is Aquaman.

What I find curious is the fact that Hamada is best known for his work on horror films, and he’s been appointed to spearhead a franchise that fans consider to be “too dark.” Personally, I don’t want the DCEU to end up like Marvel, but I’m hopeful that Hamada will still be able to steer the franchise in the right direction.

The next DCEU movie, Aquaman, is set for a release on Dec. 21.


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