American Gods Finally Has A New Showrunner!

American Gods Finally Has A New Showrunner!

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If you’ve been following the drama around American Gods, you’ll know they’ve been without a showrunner for a bit now after Bryan Fuller and Michael Green exited. This has caused some delays in season 2 as you can imagine, but now they’ve finally found their new showrunner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Jesse Alexander will be steering the second season of American Gods. Alexander worked with Bryan Fuller on Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery, and has been part of the teams that made Lost, Alias, and Heroes. Alexander will be working closely with Neil Gaiman, the award-winning writer who wrote the 2001 novel the show is based on. Gaiman said the following:

“I’m thrilled that Jesse is [the] showrunner. He loves and understands the book, he loves and understands the TV series and he’s dedicated to making future seasons of American Gods as good and as beautiful and as unique as they can be,” Gaiman told THR. “Shadow’s journey is going to take him, and Mr. Wednesday, and the New Gods and the Old, to some very strange places. I’m glad that we, and the cast and crew, will have Jesse shepherding us on the way.”




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