Ahsoka’s Ashley Eckstein Comments on Rosario Dawson Being Cast in Live-Action Role

Ahsoka’s Ashley Eckstein Comments on Rosario Dawson Being Cast in Live-Action Role

With the news coming out of Rosario Dawson getting cast as the live-action Ahsoka Tano, there was yet another split among the fans. One side loved that Dawson had been cast, while the other got angry that Lucasfilm didn’t ask Ahsoka’s voice actress Ashley Eckstein to take on the role.

Eckstein has apparently been getting a lot of messages since the news dropped, and she has decided to share this message on her IG:

via: Star Wars News Net

If you read between the lines, you can actually sense the disappointment that Eckstein has that she wasn’t cast in the part. After all, she does say that it’s her dream to ‘play Ahsoka in all forms,’ and with the critique that she isn’t an onscreen actress, she also adds that she has ‘performed in all types of mediums.’

If it’s any consolation, neither Lucasfilm nor Dawson herself has confirmed that the live-action counterpart of Ahsoka has been cast; but some are seeing their silence as confirmation itself. Unless someone officially debunks it, everyone is running with the news that Dawson has indeed landed the role.

Personally, I’d actually prefer Dawson in the part. She actually looks a lot closer to Ahsoka when it comes to her facial features, and though Eckstein has had some onscreen roles, I don’t think she would evoke the same kind of presence that Dawson would. Then again, I could be wrong. If Disney wants Dawson for the part though, I’m sure they’re also banking on her popularity. I mean, after playing the Night Nurse for Marvel Netflix, I’m sure everyone would love to see Dawson in something like Star Wars.

For now, we’ve yet to get official confirmation, but until then, the news of Dawson being cast as Ahsoka stands.

The next season of The Mandalorian is expected to hit Disney+ this October.

Source: StarWarsNewsNet


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