Ahsoka: Natasha Liu Bordizzo on Prep for Sabine

Ahsoka: Natasha Liu Bordizzo on Prep for Sabine

We know that Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian of Star Wars, but we’re going to be meeting some more Mando royalty in the upcoming Ahsoka series with Rebels character Sabine Wren.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo has been cast as the live-action Sabine, and talking to The Hollywood Reporter, she explains what kind of prep she did for the Ahsoka series. Bordizzo explains:

“It’s almost like a memory book; that’s what I feel Rebels is for me. It’s just this kind of free prep that I never even had to do as an actor because it’s all been done for me. My character’s memory is already recorded. So they encouraged [me to watch it], but obviously, I did watch it because how could I not?”

Though she doesn’t get into details about her work on Ahsoka, Bordizzo does hint that she’s going to be doing some action scenes. She explains that the stunt training for Netflix’s Day Shift had helped a lot with the Sabine role. She continues, “Even if you’re a physical person and physically fit, the act of being in a choreographed and really intense fight is still something to get used to. There are things like not squinting when you’re about to be hit. There are just so many little things that are jarring unless you’re used to stunts, so it definitely helped.”

A lot of people are already excited for the live-action debut of Sabine, but we’ll just have to wait when Lucasfilm is ready to give us our first look at the show. If anything, we could get something close to the release of Andor on Disney+.

Ahsoka is yet to receive a release date.


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