Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell Applauds Wonder Woman

Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell Applauds Wonder Woman

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It’s been over a year since Agent Carter’s cancellation, which left the show on a massive cliffhanger. Hope has seemingly subsided on a potential revival, but as always anything is possible — Young Justice Season 3 is Exhibit A. Since Peggy Carter’s absence, another woman’s contribution to the war effort has been depicted on screen. And Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell, is a fan.

In promoting her role in StarzHowards End adaptation, Atwell caught up with Buzzfeed News (via EW). The former Peggy Carter actress was asked for her thoughts on Wonder Woman’s success. She had the following to say:

“I thought it was a triumph. I came out of that walking on air, and I think what’s brilliant about it is, it’s a genre piece, it’s a superhero movie, it’s pitch-perfect from Gal’s performance to the script to the music, it has just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humor, it’s engaging, and I was so so surprised by the end of it.

“I thought, ‘here we go!’ “Seventy-six years in the making, that’s breaking box-office records, and it’s led by a woman, and it’s directed by a woman — I was like, ‘Patty! F–ing! Jenkins! Yes!’”

Wonder Woman No Man's Land

Hayley Atwell’s experience in superhero media is lost on no one. As such, her comments on what Wonder Woman means for women in film are evidently impassioned.

“What it means for all of us — because it’s not just women are great — it’s going, ‘Come on, let’s represent who we really are as women,’” she continued. “They did it beautifully. Not only did they pull it off, they were just like, ‘Boom!’ They excelled.”

Who else is hoping she’ll be cast in Wonder Woman’s sequel?

Hayley Atwell stars in the four-part, drama series Howards End, set to premiere in 2018 on Starz.

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