Adam Driver Reportedly in Talks for a Role in Fantastic Four

Adam Driver Reportedly in Talks for a Role in Fantastic Four

Adam Driver is best known for his more artsy roles outside of Star Wars, so you would think that he wouldn’t be so keen in entering any big  franchises after The Rise of Skywalker. A rumor is going around though, that he could be returning to the Disney fold, but under a different IP.

According to The Hot Mic (via Murphy’s Multiverse), Driver allegedly met with Marvel for a role in Fantastic Four. We don’t know which role, but I could easily see Driver take on the part of Reed Richards or his rival (and rumoured to be the next Thanos-level threat) Victor Von Doom (a.k.a. Doctor Doom).

If you’ve watched Driver’s filmography, you can easily see him shift from villain to hero pretty easily, that’s why it’s so hard to peg which role Marvel wants him for. I’m sure there are a lot of fans who want to see John Krasinski take on the Reed Richards role for one film, but if they’re looking for a younger actor, I think Driver can still pretty much pull it off. I mean, after Kylo Ren, maybe he would want to play someone more inclined to the heroic side of things.

For now, this is all just a rumor, but at the rate that the MCU is just taking in talent, everyone in Hollywood would have already gotten a piece of the pie eventually. I’m just hoping they don’t place Driver in a one-off villain role.



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