A New Threat Rises in Final Trailer for Stranger Things 3

A New Threat Rises in Final Trailer for Stranger Things 3

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After Game of Thrones, the next big show coming back this year is Netflix’s Stranger Things. The series is set to premiere in a few weeks, and we now have a final trailer giving us a better look at the scale of this third season.

Check it out:


While the Duffer Brothers have promised that the show will be nicer to Will Byers this season, it looks like the Upside Down has found a new host in Billy. We don’t really see Billy going crazy in the trailer, but putting together the narration and the clues from the other promos, it’s likely he’s going to be the big bad of this season.

I also guess he’s going to be the big monster that comes after everyone, and I’m expecting some kind of Akira-level transformation. No wonder the show took a year off to polish all that CG.

With Game of Thrones ultimately ending in disappointment, a lot of people are looking for other ways to scratch that itch for quality television. Sure Chernobyl ended up pretty great, but Stranger Things 3 is likely the new holy grail for fantasy shows this 2019.

Catch Stranger Things 3 when it premieres on Netflix July 4.


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