4 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Abandon Hardware

4 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Abandon Hardware

1. They aren’t the top dogs anymore

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Back in the day the NES and SNES were dominant, the GameBoy and GameCube people’s system of choice. Nintendo hardware is amongst the best selling consoles of all time. Now, PlayStation and Xbox rule the roost. They are the systems in millions of households across the globe. Nintendo has been out of the game too long after misfiring so disastrously with the Wii U that people have moved on. Why buy a Nintendo Switch at £280 when you can buy a PS4 at a cheaper price with an extensive catalogue of games to choose from? Both the PS4 and Xbox One released in 2013 and packs more power than the Switch releasing four years later. Yes, the ethos of Nintendo has never been about graphical fidelity or particle effects, but consumers are simply not going to buy a system that’s inferior to one they already own.

What the Switch has going for it is its portability and fluidity between handheld and traditional gaming, but is that something consumers are yearning for nowadays? Granted, the Nintendo 3DS has sold over 60 million units, but you only have to look at the rise in mobile gaming and unfortunate failure of the PlayStation Vita to see that the handheld renaissance of previous years is over. The Switch is what the Wii U should have been, but it’s four years too late.

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