4 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Abandon Hardware

4 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Abandon Hardware

Leading up to Nintendo’s Switch presentation earlier this month, there was an unprecedented air of excitement surrounding the company’s next console. Not only were we promised a price and release date at the event, but all the months of hopeful speculation prior to the console’s reveal had been majoritively true. The games would run on cartridges, it would be a handheld/console hybrid, and it would release in the first half of 2017. Nintendo was hitting all the right notes with the Switch and seemed to be back on track.

When it came to the Switch presentation then and it all drew to a close, that air of excitement suddenly became polarized. Some were elated that the new Zelda was a launch title and impressed by the console’s capabilities, whilst others were disappointed by the weak launch lineup and bamboozled by the ridiculous price of the accessories. Despite the fact that the Switch is already an objectively better console than the Wii U, the presentation was a reminder that Nintendo hasn’t really changed. They are still rooted in their obsession with gimmicks and so out of touch with what makes a console succeed in the current marketplace. It all cements this belief that Nintendo should stop producing hardware, and here are 4 reasons why.

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