4 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Abandon Hardware

4 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Abandon Hardware

3. People care about their software

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What avid gamers do fork over their cash for though is Nintendo’s first-party games. When Mario Kart 8 released on the Wii U back in 2014 it sold 2 million copies in less than a month, boosting the sales of the Wii U by 666 percent. Super Smash Bros. also did similar numbers. The Wii U didn’t light the world on fire, but when high caliber first-party software came to the console, people bought those games in a heartbeat. Nintendo needs to get the memo and realise that consumers don’t care about a controller that can simulate the feeling of a glass filled with ice cubes, they care about games. If the Switch’s launch lineup consisted of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey, people would have a solid reason to buy it. Couple that with a steady flow of smaller titles, relevant third-party games and the promise of more first-party games months down the line, and people would have a reason to stick around.

When people think Nintendo, they think about their games. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, these are huge names that outweigh whatever motion-controlled nonsense the system they’re playable on can do. People buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo games. People will buy the Switch just to play Zelda, just like people will probably buy the console just to play the new Mario when it comes out in the Fall. In a way, that is all the more reason for Nintendo to keep making hardware, but to make a console thrive, that’s not enough. Nintendo should stop producing hardware and double down on producing more of their beloved games that they know will sell. But if they don’t make hardware, where will they put their games? Well…

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