3 Ways ‘Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition’ Rectifies the Past

3 Ways ‘Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition’ Rectifies the Past

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In Conclusion:

Lex Luthor talks to Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne
Image: Warner Bros.

No matter which version you watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is flawed. The Ultimate Edition is easily the better cut, however, as it promotes the movie from ‘bad’ to ‘so-so.’ Maybe…just maybe it can even be called borderline ‘good.’  I certainly admire how ambitious and rather abstract it is.  While the extended cut greatly improves the movie’s clarity, pacing and character development, it still doesn’t overcome the central issue of crafting a great conflict between Batman and Superman.  I still think audiences needed The Batman, Man of Steel 2, and Wonder Woman before we got Batman v Superman.

Fans will definitely find a lot to appreciate in the longer cut of the movie, which is now available for purchase on Digital HD with a Blu-ray/4k release to follow on July 19th.

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