WATCH: YouTuber Creates World’s First ‘Pokemon GO’ Helmet

WATCH: YouTuber Creates World’s First ‘Pokemon GO’ Helmet

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The act of playing Pokemon GO is a joyous one. Wondering around environments with your friends all with the common goal of catching ’em all. Doing so, however, can be rather exhausting. Having to constantly have your phone out and the repetitive flicking of the wrist to catch Pokemon can be tiresome. If only there was a more convenient way to play the global phenomenon that is Pokemon GO?

Well would you believe it there is, thanks to YouTuber Simone Giertz. The robotics enthusiast has posted a video showcasing her creation of the world’s first Pokemon GO helmet (via ComicBook). In the one minute video Simone satirically explains how this cumbersome helmet offers a greater degree of player freedom, boosts sex appeal and frees up your hands to give people the middle finger.

The video description reads:

“I made a helmet with a smartphone case so that you can walk with your phone in front of your face without any hassle and play Pokémon Go. Who needs interacting with people anyway.”

Check out the hilarious video below.

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Although this helmet is a fine bit of craftsmanship, it most definitely fails in its attempt to make the “lifestyle” of Pokemon GO easier. Despite being able to catch Pokemon with your face and tongue, Simone is constantly having to adjust the helmet to address her viewers and, you know, not look crazy. Although it looks tremendously awkward, would we buy one? Absolutely.

Unfortunately for us Pokemon GO fanatics, Simone only made one of these state of the art helmets and has “no plan[s] to sell this s**t because this helmet makes me feel stupid.” Maybe she can partner with Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs and bring this genius invention to the mass market? The world would never be the same.

Image: Simone Giertz


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