Xbox Series S Official Reveal: The Smallest Xbox Ever Made

Xbox Series S Official Reveal: The Smallest Xbox Ever Made

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Fans have been waiting for months for Sony and Microsoft to release more details about their next-gen consoles, and so far both companies have been very tight-lipped when it comes to their reveals. Good news is that, Microsoft has just dropped our first look at one of their next gen consoles, the Xbox Series S.

Check it out:

Introducing Xbox Series S. Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen, all-digital console at an accessible price point: $299 (ERP).*

What’s great is, it’s also been confirmed that the Series S will be coming out at the same time as the main console, the Series X. Microsoft has announced that the launch will be on November 10. While it’s great we finally have a release date, some fans would have hoped that they would have announced it earlier so they would have proper time to save up for this next gen console.

While the Series S isn’t expected to be as powerful as the Series X, it still comes with its own perks. The console is boasted to be the smallest Xbox ever made, and is 60% the size of the Series X. It can only play digital games though since it doesn’t have a disk port; and you probably can’t run it as long since it doesn’t come with a cooling fan.

Either way, that price point is insane for a next-gen console. I’m curious what Sony has to boast besides its exclusives.

The Xbox Series S and Series X is set to launch on Nov. 10.

Source: Polygon


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