X-Men ’97 Showrunner on How 9/11 Inspired the ‘Remember It’ Episode

X-Men ’97 Showrunner on How 9/11 Inspired the ‘Remember It’ Episode


It’s no mystery that X-Men ’97 has been getting a lot of praise online, but the latest episode Remember It has got to be one of the biggest  moments in the entire show, killing off two principal characters alongside a whole genocide in the mutant nation of Genosha.

Though Marvel had fired him earlier, ex-showrunner Beau DeMayo had been coming out online to share some insight on the released episodes, and he says that the mutant genocide was a very personal story drawing inspiration from the events of the 9/11 attacks.

The world [back in the 90s] was a simple place of right and wrong, where questions about identity and social justice had relatively clear cut answers… Then 9/11 happened, and the world turned against itself.”

When it came to the character of Gambit, he said that the show was purposefully getting the audience to like him, so that when he dies, it’s supposed to mirror the experience of knowing someone who died in a huge tragedy. “If events like 9/11, Tulsa, Charlottesville, or Pulse Nightclub teach us anything, it’s that too many stories are often cut far too short.”

We don’t know where the show is headed yet, but fans are already praising just how seriously X-Men ’97 is taking its themes on prejudice and social justice—all while having the quips and action that you can expect from a comic book property.

For now, fans are still curious about how the show’s reception will affect DeMayo’s reputation, but there have been some fans calling to bring him back. I mean, it happened for James Gunn before. I’m just curious if Marvel knows something about DeMayo that we don’t.

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