Winds of Winter Gets an Update from George R.R. Martin

Winds of Winter Gets an Update from George R.R. Martin

With the lockdown forcing everyone into isolation, you’d think that Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin would be done writing it by now. After all, it’s been years since the original planned deadline. Now Martin has offered an update on the book, and though it’s not done, we get some significant information on the current status.

Writing on his blog, Martin confirms:

No, sorry, still not done, but I do inch closer.   It is a big big book.   I try not to dwell on that too much.    I write a chapter at a time, a page at a time, a sentence at a time, a word at a time.   It is the only way.   And sometimes I rewrite.

Admittedly, Martin has been busy aside from the book. He also gives an update on all the other shows that he’s been pitching, and has good things to say about the status of HBO’s spinoff House of the Dragon. Besides that, none of his other shows have been getting picked up.

Going back to the book though, Martin says:

Of late I have been spending a lot of time with the Lannisters.  Cersei and Tyrion in particular.   I’ve also paid a visit to Dorne, and dropped in to Oldtown a time or three.   In addition to turning out new chapters, I’ve been revising some old ones (some very old)… including, yes, some stuff I read at cons ages ago, or even posted online as samples.   I tweak stuff constantly, and sometimes go beyond tweaking, moving things around, combining chapters, breaking chapters in two, reordering stuff.

While it’s definitely a bummer that the book isn’t finished yet, at least we have some sort of progress report from Martin. We don’t know when it will eventually come out, but Martin does tell his fans to ‘Hang in there, friends.’

No release date has been set for The Winds of Winter.


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