Tony Gilroy: Why Doesn’t Anyone Mention the Jedi in Andor?

Tony Gilroy: Why Doesn’t Anyone Mention the Jedi in Andor?

With the Jedi being known as a force of nature during the days of the Republic, some fans are wondering why they aren’t even mentioned in Andor. As it turns out, the answer is pretty simple—some people, or rather most people, don’t know they exist.

This was confirmed by show creator Tony Gilroy who was concerned that he didn’t want to bring the Jedi or the Force into the show. He tells Collider:

“That’s one of the first things I asked. And you know what? Most people don’t know. I don’t think anybody on Ferrix knows anything about it. I don’t think so… I think the vast majority of all of the creatures and beings and sentient things that are in the galaxy, I think the knowledge of the Jedi and the lightsaber is a pretty small number.”

I guess the lore in Andor does check out. After all, a character like Han Solo is expected to have been all over the galaxy, yet he doesn’t believe in Jedi or the Force when we meet him in A New Hope. If you want some further lore digging, Imperial decree had made it so that the Jedi were erased from history, and any evidence of their existence would be confiscated or destroyed.

If there were any characters that knew about Jedi in the show, I’d say Mon Mothma and Luthen would be good examples, seeing as Mothma was present on Coruscant during the days of the Republic, and Luthen collects all kinds of artifacts. Who knows, maybe they can mention some Jedi in the second season, but for now, I’m just very happy with the series feeling like it’s trying its hardest not to include any Easter Eggs.

For now, catch the complete first season of Andor on Disney+.


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