Westworld 3 to Have Less Episodes Compared to Previous Seasons

Westworld 3 to Have Less Episodes Compared to Previous Seasons

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With Game of Thrones officially done, fans are waiting for the return of another top-tier show from HBO, Westworld. The third season is set to come out next year, but it looks like Westworld 3 will have a shorter story this time around.

According to The Wrap, Westworld 3 has had a reduced episode count of 8 (Seasons 1 and 2 each had 10). We don’t have any reason as to why the we’re getting less episodes this time, but seeing as the trailer was chockfull of more CGI than the past seasons, I imagine it was be a logistic decision.

With Game of Thrones extending the duration of episodes to compensate with shorter numbers, some guess that Westworld 3 could do the same. But for now, nothing has been confirmed. If anything, I’m always up for a more compact story. If Netflix’s shows have taught us anything, having more episodes than needed can lead to some very dragging television.

We don’t have an official synopsis for Westworld 3 yet, but by the looks of it, we’re going to be seeing more of the world outside of the park as well as more expansions within it as well. We get to see Aaron Paul’s character supposedly exist in the future world, and then we get to come back with Maeve visiting a WWII era version of the park.

After Shogunworld and The Raj, I was really curious of what other ways the park could have been expanded, and WWII is a perfect setting. Hopefully we get to see the other expansions with the season moving forward.


No release date has been set for Westworld 3, but it’s expected to debut on HBO sometime in 2020.


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