X-Men ’97: Watch Walkthrough of Airbnb’s Uncanny X-Mansion

X-Men ’97: Watch Walkthrough of Airbnb’s Uncanny X-Mansion

X-Men ’97 on Disney+ managed to give fans a renewed interest in the X-franchise—specifically the one from the 90s, and Airbnb has decided to match it by decking out an entire mansion to look like Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, the X-mansion.

Thanks to Phase Zero, we have a guided walkthrough of the X-mansion, which promises a more affordable immersive experience than Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser. Check this out:

Marvel and Airbnb teamed up to bring the X-Mansion from X-Men ’97 and X-Men: The Animated Series to life in New York. The incredible location hosted Phase Zero’s Brandon Davis for a full tour, getting a look at every marvelous detail! From Wolverine and Jubilee’s bedrooms to the costumes worn by iconic mutants, the Danger Room for some training, and the War Room with Cerebro waiting inside… it’s an incredible location!

Though the official reveal did give us a look at the specific rooms in the mansion, the video actually gives us an idea of what to expect with an intereactive tour guide who tells you they’re also a mutant, and treats you like the next batch of X-Men.

We know that the houseis decked with all kinds of easter eggs, but it was cool that there’s actually a fully-animated orientation video with Jubilee explaining where the X-Men are and what rooms you can go into.

With Jenny Nicholson’s Star Wars Hotel video going viral (over 6 million views), a lot of people are now having a more critical look at these IP-fulled immersive spaces. You think Airbnb passed with flying colors?

Airbnb’s X-Mansion is now available for booking in New Castle, New York.


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