WATCH ‘Proof of Concept’ Trailer for a Reboot of Small Soldiers

WATCH ‘Proof of Concept’ Trailer for a Reboot of Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers was a sci-fi cult film that featured military-enhanced toys gaining sentience and starting their own toy-sized war in the suburbs. The film wasn’t critically praised when it came out, but it has found a soft spot in the hearts of every child who grew up in the 90s.

With so many properties getting rebooted recently, Comadran Studios has decided to release this ‘Proof of Concept’ video that pitches a reboot of Small Soldiers universe for modern audiences.

Here’s the official description that came with the video:

Hey there, YouTube community! We are happy to announce the Proof of Concept trailer for our next big project at Comadran Studios. Get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of Small Soldiers, an epic toy battle brought to life in Unreal Engine 5, pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling to new heights!

For context, here’s a trailer for the original ‘90s film:

We don’t know why the trailer doesn’t feature the Commando Elite or Gorgonites from the original film, but it’s possible that the studio doesn’t have the rights to publish any material including those characters. If you watch the trailer though, you’ll see that the designs of the characters are very much inspired (specifically the Commandos), even the one Nekronite soldier looks like Archer.

The original film was such a VFX treat, and if the movie manages to look anything like the trailer, I think audiences would be in for a special kind of action/adventure movie.

We don’t know if a Small Soldiers film is officially happening yet, but I’d definitely want to see one in the big screen soon.


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