Margot Robbie Gives Us an In-Depth Tour of Her Barbie Dreamhouse

Margot Robbie Gives Us an In-Depth Tour of Her Barbie Dreamhouse

One of the most anticipated films of the year is Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, and the movie is set to release in theaters next month. While we do get a teaser for Barbie and Ken arriving in the real world, we also get a look at the fictional Barbie Land, and we have a new tour of Barbie’s own iconic Dreamhouse thanks to Architectural Digest.

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The video’s official description reads:

Today on AD, Margot Robbie takes us behind the scenes of ‘Barbie’ for an exclusive tour of the Barbie Dreamhouse. When tasked with bringing these iconic childhood toys to life on the big screen, Greta Gerwig enlisted the skills of production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer. Taking inspiration from Palm Springs midcentury modernism they’ve created a whimsical fuchsia pink fantasy where slides replace stairs and there’s not a wall in sight–when touring this impressive set it’s hard not to feel a rush of playful nostalgia as Greta states “I wanted to capture what was so ridiculously fun about the Dreamhouses.

Though we did have hints in previous trailers about how life in Barbie Land functions, we get to see that they kind of literally translated it on the film, with Barbie’s house being filled with flat decals, and Barbie not really interacting with any water or food.

We also see that her house, like the houses of the other Barbies, are also open, and they can all just wave at each other from their bedrooms when their days are started.

The movie is expected to be a kid-friendly adventure, but it does look like the film is also going to delve into the stories history of the toy and how she’s influenced pop-culture for decades. I’m interested to see what the movie has to say about Barbie as an icon, because she’s kind of a divisive hero when it comes to the idea of feminism (more so with modern feminism).

Catch Barbie when it comes to theaters on July 21.


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