Watch Full Trailer for The Creator from Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards

Watch Full Trailer for The Creator from Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards

Director Gareth Edwards may have taken a break from directing after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but he’s ready to be back with more sci-fi action with 20th Century Studios’ The Creator. We got our first teaser for the film two months ago, and now we have a full trailer featuring more of John David Washington and more.

Check this out:

The film doesn’t have an extensive synopsis yet, but the setting is described to be in a world where there is a war between humans and AI, and it looks like the human Washington is playing is going to find himself defending a little robot girl who could have more humanity than we think.

Though Rogue One was considered a success by Lucasfilm, there was rumbling going around behind the scenes that Edwards himself was locked out of the editing room to have Andor creator Tony Gilroy takeover. We don’t know how much of that is actually true, but the fact that Edwards hasn’t released a film since Rogue One could be telling about his experience with Star Wars.

Despite all that drama, it looks like Edwards is coming back, and with some original IP this time, and all the shots in the trailer look absolutely stunning. We don’t know if Edwards will ever come back to Star Wars, but I hope that The Creator manages to bring in Dune-levels of hype at the box office.

The Creator hits theaters on Sept. 29.


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