Venom to be an R-Rated Sci-Fi/Horror Film

Venom to be an R-Rated Sci-Fi/Horror Film

Sony’s try at launching a Venom film has failed at every turn. However, things are starting to look up for the symbiote’s second chance at a big screen portrayal. The studio is past ready to get the ball rolling, and a October 5, 2018 release date does nothing but prove their unwavering commitment. With reports suggesting the film is to begin shooting in the next few months, fans are eager to learn more.

Besides its non-connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nothing about the film is widely known. Thanks to a posting on MyEntertainmentWorld, via Screen Rant, that’s changed. Somewhat. Alongside a listing which indicates production kicking off this fall are also details regarding the film’s genre. Apparently, Sony is adjusting their take to superhero films — Venom will be an “Action/Horror/Sci-Fi” movie. That’s not all, though. The studio is also said to be eyeing an R-rating, reports Collider.

Wait, there’s more! Additionally, Collider notes they’ve heard Venom is being set up as Sony’s first effort at developing their own MCU. To be clear, this does not mean the company is working with Marvel, despite the Spider-Man deal. So, their Venom won’t be popping up in Spider-Man films or vice versa.


It seems their delving into a cinematic universe of their own is in the nascent stages of development. As we know, anything can happen between now and Venom’s release date in less than 18 months.

Even though the film has Alien: Covenant’s Dante Harper penning the script, there’s been no news of a director. Furthermore, Venom is also currently without a cast. If filming really is to begin this fall, details on that front can’t be too far off.

This all sounds good on paper, if there’s any truth to it. However, comic book fans have learned the hard way that waiting to see how a project is executed is key.

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