Venom: Did Tom Hardy Just Confirm the End of Production?

Venom: Did Tom Hardy Just Confirm the End of Production?

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For months since the announcement, we’ve been getting bits and pieces from Sony’s Venom movie, and now it looks like the production has officially wrapped—depending on what Tom Hardy meant with his Instagram post.

Check it out:

Though the caption does seem like it lacks some punctuation, I think Hardy is saying that he has his “life back” since production for the movie has “wrapped.” Other than that, what else could it possibly mean?

Even after months into production, the Venom movie is admittedly quiet when it comes to its reveals. So far, the only official image we have is that of Hardy as Eddie Brock; the rest of the images we have in the film are either social media posts by Hardy or sneaky set photos.

With the production officially wrapped, I hope Sony can give us some more images. I bet a lot of fans are dying to see what the Venom suit will look like for the film. Maybe we can even get a teaser trailer come to the Super Bowl this February.

Though fans were initially skeptical about the release of Venom, it looks like the movie is slowly gaining a bit more interest. It helps that rumors have been going around that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be in the film; making Venom part of the MCU. Fingers crossed, everyone.

Venom is set for a release on Oct. 5.



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