Venom 2 Set Photo Confirms Spider-Man Connection

Venom 2 Set Photo Confirms Spider-Man Connection

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[UPDATE: The photo actually comes from the set of the Morbius reshoots and NOT Venom 2. The original article follows]

While the connection to Spider-Man was left dubious for Venom, Sony is outright saying that Spider-Man exists in the Morbius movie. What’s interesting is, we also have confirmation that Spidey exists in the next Spider-Verse film, Venom 2.

A set photo has been going around online, and it hints that Spider-Man has somehow disappeared. Check it out:

Until we get official confirmation from Sony or Marvel, all we can really do is guess. If anything, it just sounds like some kind of  click bait title from the Daily Bugle. It’s possible that Spider-Man is still around, and the Bugle is advertising a feature that supposedly guesses where he is.

With Spider-Man being wanted in the Morbius film, I wonder how his story will bleed over into Venom 2. Some are hoping that we’re building toward a Sinister Six team-up down the line, but I’m actually fine if the movie takes its time and has the Six come together in a sixth Spider-Man movie—if Tom Holland wants to go that far that is.

While I was all up for a complete reboot of the Spider-Verse, I guess we’ll have to stick to Tom Hardy’s version of Venom. I mean, the movie was bad, but it wasn’t without some redeeming qualities. Let’s hope that Marvel Studios is willing to help up the quality when it comes to the Spider-Verse.

Venom 2 is set to release this Oct. 2, but you can return to the Spider-Verse with Morbius which hits theaters earlier on July 31.



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