Tyler Hoechlin on How He Was Cast in Superman Role

Tyler Hoechlin on How He Was Cast in Superman Role

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Whenever Superman appeared in Supergirl Season 1, he was either a silhouette or a red boot. Because of this, many were led to believe the Man of Steel would never have a significant role in the show. Much to everyone’s surprise, and excitement, Supes was announced to appear in Season 2. Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin was soon revealed to have been cast. It’s been a fun summer for fans of the Kryptonian cousins. However, it probably pales in comparison to what Hoechlin must be feeling.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Hoechlin spoke on how the casting came to be.

“Honestly, it was the strangest thing — there wasn’t an audition. I had a great meeting with [executive producers] Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg [in June]. I had been told that the meeting would have something to do with Supergirl, but nothing really specific. Halfway through, they brought up the idea of introducing Superman to the show and asked if I’d be interested. I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely. I’m obviously a fan.’ I believe that was on a Monday. On Friday, we got a call with the offer, so it was very quick. It was very flattering, and I wish every job came about that way.”

Superman and Supergirl

Even though Tyler Hoechlin cites Christopher Reeve as his favorite version of the character, and this iteration will be more traditional, a conscious effort is being made so Hoechlin’s portrayal is different. “Obviously [we want to] honor the tradition that is the character without really emulating anything that somebody else has done before.” The actor has also been doing his best to avoid re-watching Superman films of the past. “I didn’t want to have any temptation to imitate,” he said.

The Last Son of Krypton will make his Supergirl debut Monday, October 10 on The CW.

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