‘A Dream Job that Turned Into a Nightmare’: Scream 7 Loses Director

‘A Dream Job that Turned Into a Nightmare’: Scream 7 Loses Director

It looks like the next Scream movie just won’t be able to catch a break. After losing main stars Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, the seventh Scream movie is now revealed to have lost its director.

This was confirmed by now ex-director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day) on his Twitter where he confirms that he’s exited the movie ‘weeks ago.’ Here’s the post:

Landon didn’t reveal any specifics as to why he quit the project, but a lot of fans are convinced that he was definitely cornered once the movie started losing its main stars.

It was back in November when the problems with Scream 7 began and Paramount and Spyglass had fired Melissa Barrera after she had expressed some pro-Palestine comments referencing the Israel-Hamas war. The studio probably thought that they could just keep pushing forward with Ortega (who is no doubt a huge star now thanks to Wednesday), but Ortega also announced she would be leaving the project; some say that this was because of scheduling conflicts with Wednesday, but some are convinced that this was a move in solidarity with Barrera.

With no director and the loss of the main stars of the last two films, a lot of fans think that the Scream franchise is now doomed. Maybe Paramount would do well to mend fences with Barrera and Ortega, but as of now, it looks like the movie is going to have to be on hold indefinitely.

Scream VII has no release date.


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