Watch New Trailer for Final Season of Human Resources

Watch New Trailer for Final Season of Human Resources

Netflix has just renewed Big Mouth for a final season, and they’re also closing up shop with the spinoff Human Resources. The second season of HR is set to release in June, and we have a new trailer showcasing all the new ‘cases’ that the different ‘monsters’ will be tackling in their last season.

Check this out:

When it comes to love, this organization means business.

Just like the first season, it looks like the show will be tackling the ‘human condition’ once again with the different monsters in HR being tasked with different humans with varying emotional dilemmas. The first season had tackled ambition and new parent guilt, and now it looks like HR 2 is going to be looking at grief and finding someone new after having lost a long-time partner.

Besides all the problems with the human characters, the monsters themselves also go through their own personal journeys, and it looks like they can actually choose what kind of monster they want to become. The last season of Big Mouth had Maury and Connie handling their newborn Hormone Monster child, and now the trailer has revealed that Montel actually wants to be a Shame Wizard rather than a Hormone Monster.

I know it sounds like a silly kids show, but if you check out the series, you’ll actually find some very insightful storyline presented in a fun way with the idea of these ‘monsters’. I guess it’s cheaper than therapy.

Watch out for Human Resources 2 when it premieres on Netflix on June 9.


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