ARNOLD: Watch Trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary

ARNOLD: Watch Trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary

Everyone may have a silly impression of him, but if you take Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously, you’ll realize he has made some phenomenal achievements for a single human being.

As it turns out, Netflix noticed as well, and we have our first trailer for the three-part documentary Arnold with Schwarzenegger himself. Check this out:

The official description reads:

This three part documentary series chronicles never before seen footage & stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey from rural Austria to the highest echelons of the American dream. In the series, there’s unprecedented access to the most candid interviews from Schwarzenegger, his friends, foes, co-stars and observers. We see many talk about his days pumping iron to his triumphs in Hollywood, all the way to his time governing the state of California. The joys and the turbulence of his family life are unveiled in a tale that matches his larger-than-life persona.

Comedian Bill Burr probably best contextualizes just how outstanding Schwarzenegger’s achievements have been, and though the documentary does look into his transformation from bodybuilder, to movie star, to politician, the film is also going to be exploring his scandal with his maid and how it affected his family.

Either way, Schwarzenegger still remains a legend, and though he’s already in his twilight years, he still managed to get an A-list movie star (Chris Pratt) to be his son-in-law. It really is ‘nothing but net’ with this guy.

Catch Arnold when it hits Netflix on June 7.


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