Sophie and Friends are Back in Trailer for 2nd Season of How I Met Your Father

Sophie and Friends are Back in Trailer for 2nd Season of How I Met Your Father

Move over, Ted Mosby, because it’s now Sophie’s turn to tell audiences about how she met the love of her life with How I Met Your Father.  The second season is set to return to Hulu later this month, and we have a new trailer showcasing Sophie and her band of 20-something-year-old New Yorkers.

Here’s the official synopsis for Season 2:

Sophie and her close group of friends take on changes to their careers and love lives as they stumble into their 30’s. Figuring out life through trial and error isn’t easy, but there’s nothing you can’t get through with friendship and plenty of laughs.

Though some fans expect the spinoff to feature  a lot of the original cast members, How I Met Your Father decided to keep true to the core of the original show by focusing on the characters as they navigated the dating world, but instead of the mid-‘00s, Sophie and her friends are in the current dating timeline of the 2020s—complete with dating apps and social media.

Even the way they subvert the father reveal is interesting, with the audience looking at an older Sophie this time, and the father having been revealed in the first episode—it’s just a question of who he is, since Sophie met a lot of guys that day.

Though some think that the original show is still better, HIMYF eventually got its footing in latter episodes, and I can’t wait to see where the series goes moving forward.

How I Met Your Father premieres on Hulu on Jan. 24.


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