Featurette Looks Behind-The-Scenes at the Return of Futurama

Featurette Looks Behind-The-Scenes at the Return of Futurama

It’s been more than a decade since the last season of Futurama, but Fry and the gang at Planet Express are back, and we have Hulu to thank for the reboot. Just in, we have a new featurette with creator Matt Groening and several of the cast members talking about the show coming back, and they promise a lot more antics when it comes to this new season.

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Admittedly, of all of the shows Matt Groening has created, Futurama seems to be the one that has received the least criticism. Though The Simpsons is the biggest brand in comedy created by Groening, the latter seasons of the series have not been met with the same enthusiasm by Groening’s fans.

There’s also the case of Disenchantment, which garnered a lot of hype when it first came out on Netflix, but never really got the same level of cult status that Simpsons or Futurama was able to get.

With Futurama being able to create satire about the future and capitalism, this latest season is looking to poke fun at everything that’s changed since 2013, from the rise of virtual assistants like Alexa to a worldwide pandemic. Of course, we should expect the same kind of sci-fi shenanigans that make Futurama what it is, but one of the most enduring elements of the series has always been its heart; and hopefully Groening and his team haven’t lost that.

Watch out for Futurama now streaming on Hulu.


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