The Mandalorian’s Latest Episode Confirms This Star Wars Rebels Cameo

The Mandalorian’s Latest Episode Confirms This Star Wars Rebels Cameo

The Mandalorian made Star Wars history when they introduced us to the live-action version of Clone Wars fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano; and the latest episode has just confirmed an appearance from another series Star Wars Rebels.

If you look at the credits, the Lasat pilot that has a conversation with Teva (Pail Sun-Hyung Lee) in the New Republic outpost is Rebels’s Zeb; and he was also played by Steve Blum.

The last we see of Zeb in Rebels, he goes off with Agent Kallus to the homeworld of Zeb’s species Lira San. His fate is pretty open-ended after the series, so it would make sense that Zeb would be piloting for the New Republic after the fall of the Empire.

So far, fans were expecting an appearance of Rebels characters in the Ahsoka series with Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger, but fans were in for a surprise when they got a look at Zeb, who is admittedly the hardest character to pull off among the Ghost crew (just ask anyone who’s tried to cosplay him).

We don’t know what Zeb’s story could be in the future, but fans agree that he looks pretty great in this series, with some Thanos-level CGI bringing him to life. Here I thought they were going to stick to prosthetics, but this version of Zeb in live-action is a lot easier to look at than the Rebels version, in my opinion. There’s a reason Zeb is based on rejected Chewbacca concept art.

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