The Internet is Freaking Out Over ‘Real-Life Venom Symbiote’

The Internet is Freaking Out Over ‘Real-Life Venom Symbiote’

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With the world currently undergoing a crisis with COVID-19, everyone is wondering what fresh hell April has in store for us. Now a video has come out on Twitter of what looks to be a real-life symbiote from Venom, and everyone is freaking out over it.

Check it:

While everyone has been calling it Venom, some people chalk it down to being a bootlace worm; then again, pictures online of the worm look very different from what’s in the video. Either way, it looks pretty dangerous, so it’s probably best not to make it have contact with your skin—if you spot one that is.

Besides Venom jokes, everyone is also joking that this thing is the Coronavirus. Either way, it’s all in good fun.

We don’t know the story for the Venom sequel yet, but we do know that Carnage will be a main player this time around. With the first film avoiding any connections to Spider-Man, it looks like this sequel will finally be able to make that link—seeing that Morbius has already confirmed an appearance from The Vulture.

Though Sony has been delaying everything that’s been set to come out before June, they’re still sticking to the October release date for the Venom sequel. The good news is that Venom 2 was actually able to wrap by February, so for now, the film just has to deal with post-production. Good thing some VFX artists can work remotely from home.

Venom 2 is slated for a release on Oct. 2.



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