The Boys Video Reveals Homelander is Going On Trial After Last Season’s Finale

The Boys Video Reveals Homelander is Going On Trial After Last Season’s Finale

The last season of The Boys had an ominous message with Homelander killing a Starlight supporter and getting praised for it, and it looks like the repercussions are going to explored in the following season.

Though we don’t have a trailer yet, the series’ marketing team at Vought International has released a video of their clearly biased newsreporter Cameron Coleman as he talks about defending Homelander after the events of the last season finale. Check this out:

If there’s one thing Americans can count on right now, it’s that Cameron is committed to debunking the lies surrounding this shameless facade of a “trial.” Join him every night as he brings you hard-hitting news, and teaches the woke mob basic vocabulary like “loving father”!

Just for context, here’s how the last season ended:

With the show trying to mimic as much of the ‘real world’ as possible, I have a feeling that the series is going to treat Homelander’s trial like former president Trump’s current indictment case, with him having some staunch supporters despite all the evidence against him.

Though main comic book franchises like Marvel and DC have been criticized for lacking substance, you have to hand it to The Boys for being able to mix all of this superhero action with some very sharp social commentary. Hopefully Season 4 manages to keep the story going in a relevant direction.

Catch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video when it comes out around autumn of 2023.


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