The Disney Fox Merger is Finalizing Next Week

The Disney Fox Merger is Finalizing Next Week

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It’s been a roller coaster ride of news, but the merger between Disney and Fox is up to its final stages. Just in, the studio is set to finish everything off by next week.

According to That Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy, everything will be done by March 20. This is his Twitter post:

While there are lots of implications of Disney acquiring Fox, probably the biggest news is that the Fox Marvel characters will be coming to the MCU. The good news is, with the merger finalizing this month, there’s a lot of time for the MCU to try and sneak in a little X-Men or Fantastic Four sneak peek in Avengers: Endgame. I’m not saying there will be, but it’s a big possibility that they could.

As for Fox’s slate of films, Disney will still be releasing movies under the 20th Century Fox banner, so a lot of people can be rest assured that franchises like Alien and Avatar are safe. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is still set to come out in June, but there have been rumors going around that The New Mutants will forgo its theatrical release and come out either on Hulu or Disney+ instead.

While some people are skeptical about Disney acquiring all the big properties, I try to stay more optimistic about the future. No doubt Disney knows how to handle brands, and maybe moving forward they can actually fix some of these problems that the Fox franchises have (i.e. Alien).

The Disney/Fox merger finalizes on March 20.


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