The Boys Presents ‘A Stronger America’ with Singer Neuman 2024

The Boys Presents ‘A Stronger America’ with Singer Neuman 2024

The Boys is a unique show in that they have a lot of meta promotion with their “Vought International” channel, and we have a new clip giving us a look at the series’ political adversaries with a campaign ad for Singer Neuman 2024.

Check this out:

At Vought, our primary goal is to create a stronger, MORE SUPER America. That’s why we’re endorsing Robert Singer and Victoria Neuman, who have promised to give Superhumans more just than a seat at the table. We’ll be holding them accountable every step of the way!

We know all about Victoria Neuman being a secret supe with plans to grow power in a political sense, but her running partner Robert Singer has been a recurring character since Season 2, having met with Vought with the intention to bring supers into the military.

It’s unclear what the show wants to do with Singer, but we do know that narratively it’s Neuman that The Boys should be worrying about. Not only does she have the political leverage, but she’s also proven that she herself is literally dangerous—taking out anyone who could pose a danger to her plans, with nobody knowing about it.

With a fifth season already greenlit, everyone is hoping that Season 4 will finally see the death of Homelander, but maybe the showrunners have something different in mind. Let’s just hope they keep things interesting because people are starting to get sick of each season’s plot just being “we have to kill Homelander, but we can’t.”

The Boys Season 4 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 13.


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