Taika Waititi on Expanding Star Wars in the Future

Taika Waititi on Expanding Star Wars in the Future

Taika Waititi may be focused on the release of Thor: Love and Thunder next month, but he’s set to direct his own Star Wars film which is expected to come out in theaters as well. We don’t have an idea for what Waititi is making yet, but he does have some thoughts on how he can push forward with his Star Wars.

Talking to Total Film (via Games Radar), Waititi says that the franchise has to move beyond making references to previous material. He explained:

“Look, I think for the Star Wars universe to expand, it has to expand… I don’t think that I’m any use in the Star Wars universe making a film where everyone’s like, ‘Oh great, well that’s the blueprints to the Millennium Falcon, ah that’s Chewbacca’s grandmother.’ That all stands alone, that’s great, though I would like to take something new and create some new characters and just expand the world, otherwise it feels like it’s a very small story.”

If anything, the Sequel Trilogy is probably the perfect example of the problem that Waititi is trying to address. A huge chunk of the disappointment with The Rise of Skywalker was the film’s obvious pandering to nostalgia with the return of the Emperor and several other references.

With Lucasfilm currently leaning on nostalgia-baiting with shows like The Book of Boba Fett and now Kenobi, I hope that directors like Waititi and Rian Johnson get the chance to give us some more creative takes in a galaxy far far away.

No release date has been announced for Waititi’s Star Wars, but you can catch his directed episodes on The Mandalorian now streaming on Disney+.