Taika Waititi Approached to Develop a Star Wars Movie

Taika Waititi Approached to Develop a Star Wars Movie

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Indie darling Taika Waititi has recently made the jump to big budget films like Thor: Ragnarok, but now it looks like people want him to go to a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that Waititi has been approached to develop a Star Wars movie. We don’t know what Waititi’s official stance on the project is, but I’m sure Star Wars would have to go in the backburner since he still has Thor: Love and Thunder to worry about.

As a fan of the Kiwi director’s other films like Boy and What We Do in the Shadows, I honestly didn’t like how Thor: Ragnarok came out. Though a lot of people thought it felt like a Waititi film, I thought it was far from his usual clever wit, and it didn’t have the right emotional beats that I know Waititi can pull off.

So when it comes to Star Wars, Waititi isn’t really my go-to guy. I’d prefer someone who actually has more experience with big budget movies and special effects. Then again, the director did do a great job directing his episode of The Mandalorian; maybe his familiarity with the universe could help if he actually decides to take on a full-on movie. I just think Star Wars demands a grand scale, and I’m not sure if  he can handle something like that yet.

We don’t have any official announcement on Waititi taking a Star Wars project, but he does seem to be locked down for Thor: Love and Thunder which comes out Nov. 5, 2021.


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