Why ‘Supergirl’ Didn’t Get the Full ‘Invasion’ Crossover Treatment

Why ‘Supergirl’ Didn’t Get the Full ‘Invasion’ Crossover Treatment

The unprecedented Arrowverse crossover event has been hyped for months. Thankfully, it’s finally arrived. While each episode will present a new chapter in the Dominators’ invasion, the Girl of Steel’s show only offers a tease. The general assumption was that Supergirl was left out because it still exists on another Earth. Many thought it the perfect opportunity to combine the Earths, but the producers seem to think otherwise. Fans are beginning to accept it, but it still begs the question of why her show doesn’t get to join in on the crossover fun. At a press screening for the event, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained their reasoning (via Comicbook.com).

“All of the other episodes — Flash, Arrow, and Legends — all have a subsequent episode to the crossovers, but with Supergirl it was the midseason finale, so we wanted to make sure that episode eight of Supergirl spoke to what had been happening in the first seven episodes of the season,” Kreisberg said. “And then just, logistically speaking, last year we did two shows with a sprinkling of Legends. This year we went to three shows. The idea of going to four full shows, I’m not sure if we could have pulled off logistically speaking.”

Who can blame them, really? It’s a massive enough feat as it stands. Devoting Supergirl’s entire arc during the crossover to set up the last half of the season could prove beneficial on multiple levels. For one, the story in Medusa could not possibly have been condensed or put on hold. Second, it’s safe to assume the Dominators storyline has been wound tight to span three hours of television. Perhaps a fourth episode would have been a stretch.

We’ll know how it all works out pretty soon. The Invasion! event begins in full Tuesday, November 29 on The Flash.

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