Release Date for The Super Mario Bros. Movie Pushed Up

Release Date for The Super Mario Bros. Movie Pushed Up

A lot of fans have expressed their excitement for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it looks like the studio is willing to make the wait a little more bearable.

As per the official announcement, the Super Mario movie has been pushed up by two days, and has been moved from its release on April 7 to April 5. Check this out:

We don’t have any specific reasons as to why the film was pushed forward, but I can imagine that this could come as a relief for some die-hard fans who want to watch the movie on the first day. Maybe the cinema won’t be as crowded on Wednesday as compared to the crowds that could be expected on a weekend premiere. Then again, I’m just guessing.

So far, it seems that this movie has been showing fans exactly what they want to see out of a Mario movie. The characters are colorful, and the Mushroom Kingdom looks to be magical and vibrant; not to mention there’s all kinds of easter eggs that come from decades of Super Mario games.

Admittedly, the marketing is still being very sparing of Chris Pratt’s Mario voice. There was immense backlash online when it was announced that Charles Marinet won’t be providing the voice like he has in the games, but I think Pratt will do a good job making Mario more of an everyman character.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now set to release on April 5.


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