Star Wars: The Acolyte Star Amandla Stenberg Updates on Her Upcoming Show

Star Wars: The Acolyte Star Amandla Stenberg Updates on Her Upcoming Show

We don’t have a look at the next season of Andor yet, but we do know that there is a bunch of other Star Wars series coming to Disney+ like Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte.

Lucasfilm has yet to give us any official teaser for these incoming shows, but Acolyte star Amandla Stenberg (Bodies Bodies Bodies) does talk a bit about where her series is going to be when it comes to the Star Wars timeline. Talking to, Stenberg explains:

“In the context of the Star Wars universe, it’s a time of great peace, theoretically… It’s also a time of an institution, and it’s a time in which conceptions around the Force are very strict. And I think what we’re trying to explore within our show is when an institution has a singular conception of how power can be used…we try to provide a lot of different perspectives and answers to that question. The idea is to kind of honor the ethos of Star Wars and ideas around the Force and also challenge them, hopefully harmoniously.”

For context, The Acolyte is said to take place during the era of the High Republic which is set 100 years before The Phantom Menace. It supposedly takes place around the height of the Jedi order, where the Sith have not yet revealed themselves to be a threat.

Rumors suggest that The Acolyte will be about a pair of Sith twins—both played by Stenberg—and the other will be raised in the ways of the Jedi. We know that Star Wars is all about twins and dyads, but it’s unclear where the series is going to be taking that theme moving forward.

No release date has been set for The Acolyte, but fans are hoping for a premiere sometime this year.


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