‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Will Have a Single-Player Campaign, DICE Confirms

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Will Have a Single-Player Campaign, DICE Confirms

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A universal criticism of last year’s Star Wars Battlefront was that it lacked a single-player campaign. Given how DICE so authentically captured the sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe, fans wanted nothing more than to play through a story in that world. Well, it appears EA and DICE have listened. Although a single-player campaign has been tentatively discussed for a sequel to BattlefrontDICE has now confirmed it will indeed have one.

Speaking to EurogamerDICE producer Paul Keslin said:

“Myself as a Star Wars fan, I want story, I want narrative, I want something I can play that immerses me in that world but gives me something to follow and chase.”

Keslin goes on to talk about how the recent Rogue One and Death Star DLC for Battlefront has helped DICE refine the multiplayer experience and begin to see how story and multiplayer can work harmoniously.

“We know that players want that, [campaign] we’re not able to give them a full-fledged campaign post-launch for Battlefront, but how can we scratch that itch a bit?”

DICE is also seeking the help of Jade Raymond’s Motive Studios, which was announced at E3 to be working with Visceral Games on their Star Wars game.

“We’re partnering up with some folks from Motive – they have their own take on how things are – but we have a very close relationship with them, and we want everything to feel like a coherent experience,” Keslin said. “We don’t want it where single player isn’t that great but multiplayer has this great thing and isn’t connected.”

Keslin also talks about how they have learnt a lot from Battlefield 1, which launched to both commercial and critical success back in October. The vignette-style campaign was praised by many as it told compelling stories, but also took what makes Battlefield multiplayer great and applied that to a single-player setting. If Battlefront 2 is to do something similar, it would find the same success no doubt.

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