Star Wars: Andor has Reportedly Wrapped Filming

Star Wars: Andor has Reportedly Wrapped Filming

We know that three Star Wars series are set to come out next year, and after Ewan McGregor confirmed that Kenobi had wrapped filming, another source is saying that another Star Wars title has finished principal photography as well.

As per Bespin Bulletin, multiple sources have confirmed that the production for Andor has wrapped with multiple actors including Diego Luna having concluded filming. BB also confirms that some sets from the show have also been taken down.

With Andor starting production in the middle of the pandemic, the show has taken quite a while to finish filming. While series like The Mandalorian have actors in masks and can do coverage without the presence of the main actors; it’s a very different case when it comes to Andor.

While I’m still on the #MakeSolo2Happen train, I would love to see what’s in store for Andor. I’m a personal fan of pilots and scoundrels and love the stories that focus on them rather than the whole Jedi and Sith conflict. While I expect them to still appear on the show, I think that Lucasfilm would be saving them for a series that actually focuses on one of the galaxy’s most infamous Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Though Andor focuses on the earlier days of the rebellion, I hope we get to see some more people from the underworld. Thandiwe Newton’s Val would be great, or maybe someone else from the prequels like Aurra Sing (before Beckett killed her).

Fans are expecting Andor to come out sometime in 2022. The next live-action Star Wars series, The Book of Boba Fett, is expected to premiere this holiday season.


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