Star Wars: Ahsoka Gets Release Date and New Teaser

Star Wars: Ahsoka Gets Release Date and New Teaser

Disney had teased that the highly-anticipated Ahsoka series would be coming out in August, but now we have a specific release date.

As per the latest spot that’s been dropped for the movie, Ahsoka will premiere on Disey+ on August 23. Watch this:

The teaser kind of repeats a lot of the shots we’ve seen in the previous trailers, but we do have some new visuals, specifically Sabine wielding what seems to be Ezra’s lightsaber.

The last time we saw Sabine wielding something like a lightsaber was when she was training to use the Darksaber herself in Star Wars Rebels. The Mandalorian fans will know what happened to the weapon after Rebels, but I am interested to see just how Sabine herself has evolved through the years; we don’t even see her wearing her Mandalorian armor anymore.

After her debut appearance in The Mandalorian, the live-action hype for Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka has just slowly been growing. We don’t know where Dave FIloni plans to take the series, but I’m hoping that he manages to come up with some more interesting concepts for the characters as compared to his usual trademark of including references and Easter Eggs that are only meaningful for hardcore Star Wars lore-keepers.

I’m just hopeful we get something that’s a lot closer to Andor as compared to the reference-heavy Book of Boba Fett which completely sidelined its main character for a few episodes in favor of Din Djarin.

Catch Ahsoka when it premieres on Disney+ on Aug. 23.


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